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R&D Laboratory

R&D Laboratory

  • HPLC and GC systems
  • Semi-automated chromatographic purification equipment
  • Semi-preparative gradient HPLC
  • Cryo equipment; 2 and 5 litre reactors with minimum temperature of -80°C
  • 1 isolated laboratory for special synthesis

GMP Pilot manufacturing units

GMP Pilot Manufacturing Units

  • 5 independent production units
  • 14 reactors from 2 to 250 litres
  • 4 hydrogenation reactors
  • Reactor materials: glass, glass-lined, Hastelloy C22 and zirconium
  • Operation temperature: -40 °C – +200 °C
  • Pressure up to 8 bars
  • Centrifuge, pressure filters, grinder

Final Handling

Final Handling

  • Class C clean room area
  • 50 litres vacuum tray dryer
  • 115 litres vacuum tray dryer
  • 20 litres horizontal vacuum dryer

Analytical laboratory

Analytical laboratory

  • HPLC systems with UV/MS detectors
  • GC systems with FID/MS detectors and automatic liquid/Head-Space sampler
  • FT-IR spectrometer with ATR and Diffuse Reflectance accessories
  • KF, acid-base and amperometric automatic titrations
  • UV-spectrophotometer
  • High sensitivity polarimeter
  • Melting point apparatus
  • TVAC / Bacterial Endotoxin tests
  • NMR, MS, polymorphology studies and elemental analysis
  • Stability study chambers according to ICH requirements